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Paul Allen - readings and presentations

Paul is available for poetry readings, with a few songs added in for pacing, and workshops in writing poetry and writing song lyrics.  Paul is also available for "house readings."  He is not available for bar room gigs where you need covers and background entertainment for happy hour.  Also not availabe for children's parties, goat ropings, or fishing tournament weigh-ins.  On the road anyway, dragging his home behind a truck, he is cheap or free depending on your location and needs.  


American Crawl - Poems

Winner of Vassar Miller Poetry Prize.  Published by University of North Texas Press, 1997.  "Paul Allen's American Crawl is as exciting a first book as I have seen in years, and I feel privileged to have had a hand in presenting it to the world of letters.  However complex and rich his dazzling collection may be thematically, its canny presentation of struggle and redemption will touch the least specialistic reader's nerve.  Allen has sought to flatter the tastes of no identifiable faction.  In a time of much inconsequential verse a book of such singularity and originality, not to mention quality, poem by poem, is exciting and welcome.  American Crawl is a work by which we can all set our moral and emotional--and yes, our intellectual--compasses."  Sydney Lea, Judge, Vassar Miller Poetry Prize

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His Longing: The Small Penis Oratorio - chapbook of prose poems

For the arguments of thes poems, I lean heavily on the following sources:  St. John of the Cross’s redaction of The Dark Night of the Soul, Teresa of Avila’s The Way of Perfection, Thomas a Kempis’ The Imitation of Christ, Francis de Sales’ Introduction to the Devout Life, and Thomas Merton’s A Search for Solitude and New Seeds of Contemplation.  For some of the details, I use Robin Smith’s The Encyclopedia of Sexual Trivia and the internet, the price for which appears to be a lifetime of spam promising perfection.

Foothills Publishing

Foothills Publishing (Kanona, NY) hand makes the most handsome chapbooks I know.

Ground Forces - Poems

Ground Forces (Salmon Poetry, Ireland, 2008), is about brokenness—brokenness and, with richly explored theological implications, everything in the broken world, the fallen world. The voice of these poems is wildly funny, often profane…but always exact, smart, self-aware, and driven to a song like nothing else I know in contemporary poetry.”  Andrew Hudgins or barnes and noble, etc

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