Anne Fitzgerald, Bray Arts (Bray, Ireland) “Poet and musician, Allen seduced his audience with a unique blend of very direct poetic themes from his Ground Forces collection, punctuated by splendid musical interludes; compositions from his CD Waiting for the Last Bus. Bray Arts still talk about that October night the Carolina poet managed to charm their sensibilities with his sharp ironic wit, clear observations of human frailties and true poetic musicality.”  “Paul Allen was selected to perform in Sumter’s inaugural spoken-word series.  Allen defined the term ‘performance poetry’ with his earthy, accessible lyrics and performance style.  The audience responded with their raucous approval and unbridled enthusiasm.”  Booth Chilcutt, Sumter Opera House “Allen’s readings are a rare blend of humor and musical talent! He entertained with poetry and song and kept a tough audience of 70 in his spell for two hours.  We are counting the days until he makes his return.” Will Moredock, SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE NEWSLETTER, Unitarian Church “A Paul Allen performance is a roundtrip ticket to a land of compassion and truth.  In this land, one swings from thin wire between raucous, belligerent fits of laughter to whispers of heartache.  Rest assured, the audience is safely returned by Allen’s rare, keen revelations on life.  The Paul Allen experience dazes the novice, dazzles the diehards.”  Ellie Davis, Coordinator, Monday Night Blues Series ” - Various

— Selected Blurbs on Performance